Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marketing Tips

In a business, it is important that you have a good marketing. This is your way to reach your target market. Here are some ways to market your product:
  • Newspaper Ads - Since there are a lot of newspapers, you first have to identify your market. After identifying your market, you then select which newspaper you would choose that caters to your target market. If you are just selling your products in your area, choose the most read local newspaper and have your ads printed there.
  • Trade Show - There are business groups that organize trade show displays. This is an avenue for companies to promote their products. Products are displayed in the exhibit booths. Trusses can also be used as display booths.
  • TV/Radio Ads - Same as that of the newspaper ads, you have to identify first your target market. Then you select what time of day you want your ads to be aired.
  • Flyers/Leaflets - This is used usually on real estate ads or fastfood ads. This might not be reaching your target market though. Most who receives flyers/leaflets just throw them away without even reading them.
  • Promotional Items - You can also give promotional items both to existing or prospect clients. Usual items given are ballpens with logo or name, mugs, logo floor mats, umbrellas and other items that are often used or seen. With this, one can be reminded often about your company name and products.

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