Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hair That Shines

How to:
  • Work a teaspoon of avocado oil through dry ends. Leave on for 30 minutes; then wash out.
  • Massage shampoo into scalp (where oil accumulates).
  • Rinse well. Shampoo residue dulls hair.


chubz said...

I could try this one coz my hair is so dull. :(

Mrs. G said...

TIP REQUEST -- Please post a tutorial on how to wrap a sandwich with tissue or wax paper. We can't quiet get the part where one end gets tucked into the folded part. We know you're kinda an expert on this :) THANKS!

Denise said...

@ chubz - try it and you can leave a comment again in this post if it worked for you. it worked for me. i used the avocado fruit though. it was kinda messy the first time. The second time, I used a hair cap when I put some avocado on my hair. It was to keep the avocado on my hair without it falling down my nape. lol

@ Mrs.G - So sorry, but I'm not an expert really on sandwich wrapping. lol. I just wrap my sandwiches like how a Big Mac is wrapped in Mc Donald's. ;)

Jen said...

Great idea I really need to do something about my ends. Thanks

Dawnie said...

nice blog! I have never done a thing with my hair other than cheap shampoos and daily washes. I get it trimmed often and thats about it.

I like the water--I've always been a HUGE water fan.

Tea...I need to learn but I did invest in good teas this winter and have been using them and they are great. No sugar either!