Saturday, December 6, 2008

Party Tips

The month of December is surely a month of parties. It sure is fun but a lot will be having a problem keeping the weight. :) Though it's not a sin to gain a pound or two during the Holidays, but some might be interested in some tips that could help you maintain your weight:

1. Don't arrive hungry; eat something before you go.
2. Pass up peanuts, pretzels, chips and other everyday snacks. Spend your calories on the special treats you really want.
3. Wear a form-fitting outfit, with a belt if possible.
4. Make socializing, rather that food, the focus of the event.
5. Keep your portions in check -- to keep calories under control.
6. Plan how much alcohol you'll drink.
7. Don't stand near the buffet table. In fact, keep your back to it, so you won't even see it!

What other tips can you add on the list?
I would want to know. ;)

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