Saturday, June 27, 2009

Percy Spencer's Microwave Oven

I was helping my nephew do his assignment this morning. It was to research about famous scientists. After being able to read the scientist's life story, educational background and his contributions to the world, my nephew has to answer a quesetion why he picked the scientist and why does he admire him.

I read Percy Spencer's story and was amazed on his life story and the story behind his invention. Though he never finished school, he was able to invent an important kitchen equipment we use everyday in our life. He became an orphan in his early years and became an apprentice when he was only 12 years old. He joined the Raytheon Company in the 1920's. It was in 1945 that he invented the microwave oven. He discovered the microwave when he was in one of Raytheon Companies where he felt a sudden and odd feeling surge through his body. On the same time, he noticed that his chocolate bar melted. He observed that this was because he was standing in front of a magnetron and realized that the power tube have other uses as well. He then took some corn kernels and held it up to the magnetron to see the effects it would have on it. It then amazed him as the popcorn formed. From this, the microwave oven was developed.

His being observant is truly admirable as through this, he was able to think of possibilities and came up with a new equipment known today as the microwave oven. In our busy world today, the microwave oven is very much needed at home. We can use this to cook or heat food in a short period of time. Spencer's invention is truly a great contribution to our world.

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