Thursday, November 19, 2009

How To Cope Up With Stress

I'm in my stressful day mode today. I am at home doing nothing, that's why I'm stressed. When I am not doing anything, I begin to think. I think about the things happening today, I think about the future, I even think of the past. When doing so, there is a mixed emotions that I go through. I feel sad, happy, depressed, mad, etc. Thinking just makes me stressed.

There are a lot of ways of how to cope up with stress. There are a lot of websites, reading materials and other media that talks about stress management. I have read one that listed 101 ways on how to deal with stress.

One strategy that I've read and like was the one that suggested to try to be positive. I guess that I am not dealing with the things around me in a positive way that is why I feel that I'm stressed. I have to try being positive and think slowly and plan things. In this way, I would not be overwhelmed with the responsibilities that I have and those coming my way.

Changing the state of one's mind does help. Now I am more relaxed...ready to face whatever challenges that would come my way.

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