Friday, November 13, 2009

Plus in Blogging

My previous blog was about the emotional reason why I love blogging. Blogging, aside from being my favorite past time, is also a way of earning. Not big time though, but still earning. I'm not the serious type of blogger who blogs seriously for the pay. For me, it is fun earning while blogging at the same time.

How is that? For beginners like me (I consider myself still a beginner, as I stopped for awhile, and still not learned from pros yet), I find sites that offers paid reviews. There are advertisers who wants you to write something about them and link it up to their sites. You get paid by doing so. You see, this is the only way that I know how I can earn in blogging. (Calling pros out there, you might want to teach me some things...comments are highly appreciated. lol).

Writing about other sites or for advertisers are also fun. You get to know more about other things and you might also like what they advertise. You explore more and learn more at the same time.

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